Club Repair

Twin Lakes Golf Club offers a variety of services to help improve your game.

Club Repair Options

     *Grips               *Loft/Lie Adjustments

     *Re-Shaft          *Shaft Aligning

     *Extensions       *Length Adjustments  

Free Club Analysis

 We Measure ALL

Your Equipment Checking:

  • Loft/Lie Progressions

  • Shaft Flexes

  • Length

We Measure

You For:

  • Club-head speed

  • Length

  • Lie Angle

  • Grip Size

Professional Putter Fittings

  • Includes All Loft/Lie/Length Adjustments.

  • Includes Any In-Stock Grips.

  • Includes a Counter-Weight.

  • Includes ALL Adjustments If Needed For 30  Days After The Intial Fitting.

Dynamic Wedge Fittings

  • Make an educated decision on your short game tools.  Take advantage of our Cleveland Wedge Analyzer to help you choose the correct loft and bounce combinations on your wedges.

  • Get the same price as all other retailers but all clubs are sold CUSTOM FIT to you.

  • Get the most out of your short game with the newest technology available.

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